Why Should Your Patent Search Be Extensive?

Why Should Your Patent Search Be Extensive?

A patent search is done to find if there are similar works of innovation done by other entities. It is done before you file for a patent. By conducting a thorough search, you are once again checking for the viability of your innovation. While you may conduct a patent search on your own, it is advisable to also have a professional perform it. Having an extensive patent search will ensure that your offering is patent worthy. Undertaking the search yourself will give you insights on how many products or services are complementary to your product and which geographies you can enter.

It is important to do an extensive search for your patent. While doing your search, do not ignore sources like magazines, newspapers, journal articles, academic records and other works that presented in the public domain. If your idea was mentioned in any of the above sources, it can have an impact on the patentability of your product. In case you find your idea aforementioned then you have to find ways to modify your idea to make it seem unique.

Patentability searches should be conducted in two stages, once at the ideation stage and then at the pre-filing stage. Doing a search at the ideation stage will spare your business from investing time and money on an already existing innovation. The findings at the ideation stage will form the basis of your search at the pre-filing stage. It will help you increase the likelihood of your idea getting patented.

You can do a basic online research for your idea to see if there any other companies who own a patent on your idea. But this search is not extensive enough. Hiring a professional may cost you but the search will be very thorough. At Trademarks and Patents, our legal experts guide you through patent searches for your innovation. We help you identify agents who conduct professional patent searches for you. While undertaking a professional patent search, you should ensure maximum reach. Your search should consider the patent office of other countries as well.

With our expertise, you can monitor the reach of your search. Complex products of large organisations will require an extensive search whereas a single inventor with a unique product will require a relatively lesser reach. Whatever may be the case, our team will smoothly take you through the process of conducting an extensive patent search.

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