Growing Your Business: 3 Benefits Of Trademark Registration

Growing Your Business: 3 Benefits Of Trademark Registration

The modern world comes with bountiful growth opportunities, especially considering the digital nature of practically everything. Information can now be wielded in a matter of seconds, and items and names that seem reputable are often given greater attention. Bear in mind that consumers are consciously exposed to brands and trademarks, and this phenomenon subconsciously shapes how they view and interact with products.

When it comes to building a business, registering a trademark can be an excellent step. A good trademark can help you build a loyal base and distinguish you from competitors. A trademark registration provides you with an ability to protect your brand on a larger scale than an unregistered trademark. Protecting your business through the use of trademark registrations can be important, particularly in a marketplace where a few clicks of a button can allow others to steal your entire marketing campaign or even your product.

For this reason, it’s often beneficial to have your businesses trademarks registered. To help you fully understand the benefits it can bring to your business, here’s a quick curated list:

Benefit #1: You Have Better Business Protection

Although various businesses in the digital space operate without registered trademarks, these are provided with limited protections against third party use. This also make it easier for third party trolls to appropriate their trademarks. This can cause a number of issues, including a loss of sales and even an inability to register a trademark in the future if the unauthorized use is not stopped in a timely manner.

With a trademark on your name, however, you have broader rights, including a presumed validity and ownership and the ability to sue for infringement.

Benefit #2: You Can Create Brand Loyalty

Not every idea is unique enough to be protectable by a patent, but that doesn't mean its not a valuable product. In markets where many competitors sell similar products, having a unique trademark can be invaluable. A good product with a memorable trademark can help a business build a client base and create brand loyalty. It is even possible for a unique design of a known product to be protectable as a trademark. Did you know that the Coca-Cola bottle is registered as a trademark? That's right, the unique shape and dimple design is protected as a trademark.

Benefit #3: Nationwide Protection

Unregistered trademarks do provide some protection under the common law of passing off, however that protection is limited to areas in which the trademark is known. in order to show that a trademark is known in a wide area, significant evidence can be required and can be challenging to provide. A registered trademark, on the other hand, provides nationwide protection simply by successfully registering.

The Bottom Line

So, when should you register your trademark? Simple—as soon as you can, especially considering all the benefits listed above. It should be a top priority for every business, especially if your company is relatively new to the scene. You’ll have ample protection right off the bat, thereby enabling you sustainable and competitive growth. In time, your company may reach new heights—under a highly coveted trademarked.

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