Reasons to Hire a Registered Trademark Agent

Reasons to Hire a Registered Trademark Agent

When securing a trademark registration for your business, there is often the temptation to save money and file your own application. This is fine when everything goes smoothly, but there are many pitfalls that can be easily avoided by registered agents that most people would not be aware of. The trademark registration process may appear straightforward with available online tools and CIPO's Trademark Database and the filing process can be incredibly simple. Unfortunately, filing your application is only the first step in the process. You haven't considered the hurdles and roadblocks involved in the procedure after the application is filed. How will you be handling objections to the registration if they occur? Do you know what changes you can make that are considered acceptable? The assistance if a registered trademark agent can be invaluable. Readm on to learn how an agent can provide assistance.

1. A registered trademark agent can help you select a unique trademark. A unique trademark can improve your chances of obtaining a trademark registration. Trademark applications undergo a rigorous screening process and there are many rules that set out what can be protected and what cannot be protected by a trademark registration. Some basic research can give you a general idea about whether similar trademarks exist and what other obstacles you could face during the examination of the application. A registered agent can assist you in interpreting results you obtain in a search and help you assess the likelihood of success.

2. A registered agent can help you through the entire trademark process. A registered agent will have experience in the filing of trademark applications and the process as a whole. They can assist you in properly describing goods and services, correctly identifying the type of trademark you are filing, and help you ensure that a suitable application is filed on your behalf. Once your application is reviewed by a Trademark Examiner, a registered agent can provide advise for appropriate responses to inquiries or rejections from the Examiner and assist with the filing of an appropriate response. They can also provide guidance as to the likelihood of successfully overcoming rejections. If successfully registered, your registered agent can keep track of renewal deadlines and keep you appraised of any additional correspondence that may be received from the Trademark Office. Having a registered agent in your corner can be invaluable as they understand the process and how to deal with roadblocks that may arise throughout the process.


The merits of hiring a registered trademark agent are more than what meets the eye. The ability to rely on a knowledgeable agent can be invaluable. Even when things do not go as planned, having someone on your side who can explain options and next steps can help to alleviate stress of the unknown.

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